Graduates who have acquired the necessary competencies  will be able to:

  •       understand working drawings and sketches of details;
  •       calculate lengths of pipe workpieces, production dimensions of transition pieces;
  •       select welding techniques, equipment and pipe welding modes;
  •       solder copper pipes using hard and soft solder metals;
  •       weld and glue plastic pipes;
  •       use pipe expansion and pressing equipment;
  •       thread manually and mechanically;
  •       connect pipes;
  •       install water metering units in apartments and in buildings;
  •       install plumbing risers, pipelines, distribution and supply pipes of copper, steel plastic and PEX pipes;
  •       assemble commutator boxes, flush tanks, faucets;
  •       connect kitchen, bath and toilet plumbing appliances to sewage risers;
  •       mount fire racks, distribution spray pipelines;
  •       install outdoor drain network;
  •       install a boiler room with a capacity of up to 100 kW;
  •       insulate rooms, boilers, thermal containers;
  •       remove air from heating appliances and water pipelines;
  •       fix and remove plumbing system faults.

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